Not to be confused with the equally brilliant Porridge Radio, Manchester’s indie quartet Porij are the newest addition to the oat family. Discard any notions of stodgy school-gruel that might come to mind, for Porij’s subdued, tropical* sounds are the light and creamy podge du jour that influencers lose their shit for. More concerned with the overall flavour of their music rather than the genre, Eggy, Tommy, James and Tom have honed in on their unique take on alt pop in their latest track ‘Nobody Scared’; a breezy follow-up to their debut EP Breakfast.

(*think coconut tropical rather than pineapple tropical..)


Never have we heard a song and so badly wanted to plan an entire party around it. New York rapper ME+L has thrown us straight back into the 90s with his single ‘Different Situation’, and has left us pining for a night of golden-age hip-hop, complete with Kangol bucket hats, nauseating bomber jackets and dance moves worthy of a cameo on Fresh Prince. Bearing an uncanny vocal resemblance to The Weeknd, ME+L is using his voice with purpose. In his own words he is here “to motivate anyone with dreams bigger than themselves”. If our dream of a ‘Different Situation’-inspired party fits the criteria of bigger than ourselves then consider us motivated.


With the promise of at least a few UK summer festivals going ahead, new guitar band Pentire are feeding our excitement with their new single ‘Water’. Hailing from the South West (from where their band name is taken), the young foursome are already sealing their place amongst the UK’s rich history of great indie-rock bands, taking inspiration from the sounds of Arctic Monkeys and Catfish and the Bottlemen. ‘Water”s dynamic energy and feel-good riffs are Pyramid Stage worthy, and even if they didn’t get the virtual call-up this year keep the Hawaiian shirt to hand for years to come…


We were already mahoosive fans of this righteous dude’s when we heard his non-stop-3-minutes-of-fun-and-funk that he called ‘Smile’. Now, Dublin’s Monjola has hit us again with his new single ‘Where u at’. The laid-back jam sees a collaboration between two of Dublin’s most exciting R&B talents, as Monjola brings in label-mate Aby Coulibaly. Produced by Monjola’s brother Moyo, the trio’s home set-up under the name of Chamomile Records is proving to be very effective.

James Humphrys

You would hope that everyone will be on flying form, but should any of your crew mates show signs of flagging on June 21st, be sure to have James Humphrys’ latest single ‘Let It Out, Keep It In’ to hand. The lyrics encourage leaving the day behind and “being on track for the morning light”, but the track’s catchy, sunny tones alone would be enough to convince anyone to get grooving. Mixed and o-produced by fellow Bristolian (and previous Get To Know artist) Max Rad, Humphrys fuses a funk-fuelled guitar riff with 80s synths for an uplifting Blossoms-esque sound. 

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