Producer and multi-instrumentalist MAX RAD’s second EP, Save Me From Myself, Pt. 2, is undeniably catchy. Characterised by silky, electronic beats, tracks such as ‘Save Me From Myself’ and ‘It’ll All Be Fine’ are slow-grooving tunes. Beneath the glittering surface lie deep, intimate lyrics singing of grief, loss and uncertainty which, when drawn attention to, are undoubtedly intense. Yet by cocooning them in laid-back beats, there remains a warmth and weightlessness to Max’s songs. Cowbell favourite ‘Back Around’ sounds like the early stages of a house-party when there’s a tipsiness in the air and the urge to boogie is brewing…


Who needs genres? Certainly not Dacey, this 5-piece band from Vancouver are all about breaking the mould and not conforming to one genre, and boy oh boy does it make for a unique listening experience. Lead singer, Dacey Andrada, started writing songs at the ripe age of 11 (I think I was still chewing crayons at that age), and has taken inspiration along the way from the likes of Anderson .Paak and SZA. Their single ‘I’ll Be There’ is a great example of their music’s mood-soothing powers, as smooth guitar riffs accompany Dacey’s dream-like vocals. Having just released their first album SATIN PLAYLIST this year, they are an exciting talent to keep an eye on.


Forget juice cleanses and yoga in a borderline furnace, London indie-folk band NIGHT FLIGHT are the musical detox that Gwyneth Paltrow will wish she had heard sooner. Off the back of last year’s EP, their three latest singles are complete with crystal-clear melodies that wash over luscious acoustic and electric guitar. The Fleet Foxes-esque harmonies on ‘Canada’ are especially spine-tingling – which is supposedly a sign that the detox is working.

Luke Gomm

Bridging the gap between electronic and soul, Luke Gomm is establishing himself as a favourite over here at Cowbell. Hailing from North London he is no stranger to the music scene after having worked with big names such as Sampha, J Cole and the soul master himself Nile Rogers. At only 23 years of age Gomm is going above and beyond, releasing his single ‘Red Flashing Lights’ on his own label Taste of 96’, an undeniably groovy track with a catchy refrain that will leave you bopping your head like Churchill (oh yes). So here is your heads up that when June 21st rolls around and you’ve been given the ultimate responsibility of being on the aux, this is the Summer anthem you’re going to want on your playlist.


There’s something quite endearing about hearing a British accent shine through in a song, almost as if it removes a layer of bullshit. Think Lily Allen, Kate Nash, Sophie Ellis-Bextor. The same grounding honesty can be heard in JGrrey’s playful and witty songwriting. Far from being new to the scene, the South London soulstress has been strengthening her unique R&B sound since 2017, when her mesmerising performance of ‘Don’t Fade’ for COLORS brought her to the world’s attention. And if that hasn’t buttered your parsnips, she accompanied none other than Billie Eilish on the European leg of her 2019 world tour (at Billie’s personal request). I don’t know how to tell you this, but JGrrey is a kind of a big deal. And you should know her. 

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