Power Walking Wednesdays: The Funky Strut

It’s cold, potentially raining. You have a 9am assessment at uni that you’re bricking. You don’t have any food left so you had a digestive biscuit for breakfast. You’re outside about to start your walk to said lecture, you plug in your headphones, hit shuffle and hope for the best. September– Earth, Wind & Fire. Hold up just a second. Where did the sun come from? Why did I just high-five that homeless guy on the corner? Did I just spin round and start moon-walking? ‘I can’t wait to get to this assessment and totally nail this module!!!!’ WHAT JUST HAPPENED?

Funk music, my friend. Funk music is what happened.

This week, we have brought together the likes of CHIC, Tom Misch, Boney M. and a hearty helping of Stevie Wonder for our final Power Walking Wednesday playlist. May we present to you, The Funky Strut. Trust us, you will not be able to stop walking when you put this bad boy on. You’re gonna be walking in ways that you didn’t even know you were capable of. In the wise words of Kendrick, the funk shall be within you, and beam out of you with such force, that heads on the street shall turn and eyes shall be blinded by this sighting of pure funk. Let Aretha and MJ guide you, get your asses on down to funkytown, and go crush that maths test.

Just want to say funk one more time.

Love and blessings,

J xo

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