Power Walking Wednesdays: The Melancholic Stroll

Ahh Wednesdays. The middle of the work week for some, the middle of a week doing the bare minimum for others. Half way to the weekend for those that live for it and half way to being justified in acting like it’s the weekend for others. But as you all know, now Wednesdays are so much more. It’s that time of the week when we release a playlist to compliment whichever way you’re walking this week. This week it’s the Melancholic Stroll.

Here at Cowbell HQ we are in touch with our emotional sides. This is not to say we reblog sad quotes on Tumblr or even that we still insist Sylvia Plath’s poetry is just like sooo relatable. Instead, we appreciate the power of the plaintive look out of the window on a long journey or a walk over a bridge that feels like a scene from a movie. We know that there are times when wallowing is necessary. We believe that music is the perfect medium in which to wallow. A song lasts only a few minutes, but with such concentrated emotion a few minutes is all you need to process whatever shit you have going on.

So this week, don’t be afraid to accept those blue feelings. Get some Joni Mitchell on and realise that it’s OK to be sad sometimes, just so long as you can learn from it. If the film “Inside Out” taught us anything it’s that we shouldn’t deny our emotions. So cry it out people and do it to the sound of this playlist.

All my lovin,

Emma xxx

[Picture source: https://twitter.com/potterreacts/status/455046643189309440]

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