Cheeky Tunes: An Anthology of Guilty Pleasures

Confession time: I’m currently obsessed with Queen. I’m not even entirely sure whether that’s embarrassing or not but I just thought I’d cover my tracks just in case. I thought it was time to compile a playlist of songs that make you wanna awkwardly dance around your room with a hairbrush. I’m talking about the songs that come on at cringey wedding parties, that you play in the car with your dad, that make you scream like a white girl in a club. In short, the creme de la creme of guilty pleasures.

So here is a wee offering from the troves of embarrassing chicken dances. I’ve decided to mix up old and new a bit so it might look like an odd mish mash. However, to the haters I say: be gone. Build a bridge, embrace the weirdness and get singing.

Peace out bitches,

Emma xxx

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