Everything You’ve Come To Expect

My fellow friends, it’s time to bring sexy back. I’m warning you now, the word is about to be exploited to its full potential. Normally used only by my mother when she’s describing some silver fox like George Clooney or Richard Gere, I have found a new definition for it in the form of The Last Shadow Puppets’ latest album, Everything You’ve Come To Expect. ‘Everything’ being, in this case, genius, sleek, and genuine British rock and roll.

After 6 years of silence and recent teasing with promo videos and a few singles, Alex Turner and Miles Kane have ‘made their way back through the sludge’ guns a-blazing sounding sexier than ever. Already a self-proclaimed fan of their first album The Age of the Undertsatement, their new material is the glacé cherry on top of the most indulgent pavlova in the patisserie.

I will admit, I was concerned when the Puppets released their first single, Bad Habit, with the jagged rhythm and unsettling screams from Miles Kane making it difficult to follow. However, even though it wasn’t love at first listen, there’s something about the dissonance and chaotic string arrangement that works. To me, it sounds slightly out of place on the album even though it holds the haunting, experimental sound found on the other tracks. (Still sexy.)

The album itself is a masterpiece. A nod to the great rock songs of the 60s and 70s. A personal favourite is Dracula Teeth. I love the combination of the dramatic strings with the twanging guitar, giving it a gloomy yet epic vintage sound. I can see this song as the soundtrack to James Bond driving his spicy lady in a convertible, flashy car through Italy or Spain. That or The Element of Surprise. In actual fact all of them could be used to decorate a montage of Daniel Craig’s sexiest Bond moments.

What’s great to see is that Kane and Turner have stayed loyal to their original sound with the psychey vibe and the discordant undertones, particularly strong in the title song, Everything You’ve Come To Expect – hello jazzy harpsichord?! In saying this, they’ve still managed to experiment with new ideas without going all Mumford and Sons on our asses and completely ruining their uniqueness (I’m sorry that is an awful word but there’s no one on the web telling me that it doesn’t exist). Aviation is a great example of this; it’s got that cinematic vibe to it but the guitar riff that runs through the whole song sounds so laid-back. Not to mention the fact that, in the music video, Alex Turner in a dirtied, white vest with dishevelled hair has never looked sexier.

If any of you avid kooky film connoisseurs enjoyed Alex Turner’s heart-melting, acoustic soundtrack for Submarine, a few of these songs bear a great resemblance to what can be found on that soundtrack. If you close your eyes and listen to Turner’s effortless croon in The Bourne Identity (the song not the film obviously) and Sweet Dreams, it would fit so perfectly with his previous work on that soundtrack. His romantic lyrics such as “It’s really just the pits without you baby, It’s like everyone’s a dick without you baby” are so refreshing and non-cringey. Maybe it’s just his accent but those words sound so goddamn sexy. With regards to lyrics, The Dream Synopsis, in my opinion, is the hidden gem on the album. The slow-dance tempo makes it so dreamy and the lyrics are magical. Even though they may come across as immediate and observational, his nostalgic reflection on his home town linked with images of the glitz and glamour of a Hollywood lifestyle are nothing short of stunning. “Visions of the past and possible future shoot through my mind and I can’t let go”. 10/10, 5 stars, 100%.

In a nutshell guys, don’t listen to the album.

Ha, bet that threw you…

Jokes and side-splitting gags aside, I highly rate this album and it was certainly worth the wait. I recommend listening to it when you feel a bit dramatic, maybe a bit cool for school, or you just want to feel like a sexy rocker straight outta the 60s. The duo is also hitting quite a few festivals this summer (see below) as well as their own concerts (even where it says ‘sold out’, you can always find a kind, genuine seller on a kind, genuine website. Not all of us want to trek up all the way to Scotland).

Keep rockin’ you sexy thangs,

Juliette x

UK Dates:


25 May 2016 – Olympia Theatre, Dublin

26 May 2016 – Olympia Theatre, Dublin (SOLD OUT)

27 May 2016 – Olympia Theatre, Dublin (SOLD OUT)

29 May 2016 – Radio 1 Big Weekend, Exeter

30 May 2016 – City Hall, Newcastle

31 May 2016 – De Montford Hall, Leicester

24 June 2016 – Lloyds Ampitheatre, Bristol

9 July 2016 – T in the Park, Strathallan

10 July 2016 – Castlefield Bowl, Manchester (SOLD OUT)

12 July 2016 – The Spa, Bridlington

13 July 2016, BIC, Bournemouth

15 July 2016 – Alexandra Palace, London (SOLD OUT)

16 July 2016 – Alexandra Palace, London

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