The return of The Last Shadow Puppets

Everyone hold on to your ukuleles and cowbells there is exciting news in the rock department….the legends that are Miles Kane and Alex Turner are finally making their comeback as a duo. About. Bloody. Time. (*insert fist pumps, jovial expressions and intensive screaming. It’s good for the soul just let it happen.)

It’s been seven years since The Last Shadow Puppets (made up of Turner and Kane) collaborated to create their first album, “The Age of The Understatement” and we have been waiting for the follow-up with baited breath. Since then they have performed together at festivals and concerts such as Glastonbury 2013 where Miles brought Alex on stage to sing the wonderfully harmonious “Standing Next To Me”. I was fortunate enough to see them sing that same song and The Rolling Stones’ “Sympathy For The Devil” at Finsbury Park in 2014 where Kane was supporting Arctic Monkeys, and they are the definition of friendship goals. You can tell that their banter is always on fire from their cool, collected presence on stage and the way they make inside jokes with each other in front of thousands of people like “yeah whatever we know we’re awesome”. If you want an idea, this video of them dancing together at The Strokes’ gig last Summer will make you want to be their friend so badly.

Thank you to whoever caught this on camera but why would you not go and dance with them?!??!?????? Wasted opportunity.

If you are unfamiliar with their album, “The Age of The Understatement”, it is a reminder that there are still musicians who can continue to fly the flag as representatives of legendary British rock. Their voices, reminiscent of The Charlatans, The Verve and of course The Rolling Stones, meld together like honey on porridge in the sublime harmonies throughout the album. Their use of violins and other orchestral sounds is done without making the sound exaggerated or ridiculous but instead like it could be the soundtrack to a kooky western film. Just magical.

Today, The Last Shadow Puppets released a teaser video for their album which will be released in Spring next year. Again, they just couldn’t be more cool if they tried and that’s the even more annoying thing; they’re quite obviously not trying. The video resembles a psychedelic band road trip filmed in the 90s with Miles and Alex looking suave as ever in leather jackets and retro shades. The familiar sound of strings playing in the background with funky rhythms on the drums suggests that (fingers crossed) the new album will remain true to their old and much loved sound. Also pay particular attention to the creepy bulldog staring in to your soul halfway through…he knows what you did last weekend….

That’s all we have until Spring, but Alex Turner’s goddamn sexy Northern accent at the end is more than enough to keep us perky until then.

Juliette x

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