Lianne La Havas

Her honeyed voice has always been mesmerising to me. Just the right amounts of subtly and soul, mixed so that she manages to seem simultaneously aloof and vividly engaged. La Havas as always been one to watch. Ever since she released her debut album “Is Your Love Big Enough” in 2012, critics and listeners alike have been caught up in the hazy world she paints with her hazy hazy tones. The song “No Room For Doubt” is particularly special because she teams up with the man who is in my eyes the closest thing to Jesus when it comes to contemporary Indie Folk, Willy Mason. The pairing is outstanding and their dulcit tones combine perfectly to tell the story of confusion and uncertainty in a relationship.

La Havas stands out in a world full of gals with guitars because of her openness to new sounds and effects, something she has in common with the venerable Mr Mason. Harmonies on point, irregular rhythms, hardcore verbrato, even some cheeky hand claps. I challenge you to find someone that won’t have a little groove to the eponymous song “Is Your Love Is Big Enough”. That hi hat! Ice Cream! African drumming! Oh ma gerd!

And alas, we welcome her wonderful mind back into the present with the arrival of her album “Blood”. My first listens have found it bold and exciting. Metaphorical socks were blown right off when I heard the single “Green and Gold”. What a perfect representation of life as a baby child trying to figure out how you relate to the world around you. Why not combine glorious retrospection with a rich cacophony of sound? I can think of no good reason to not do it. We should all do it. Now.

Emma x

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