Slow Club, Complete Surrender

I’ve always loved a good mixed gender duo. I like the variety and also it’s quite sweet seeing them perform together like work husband and wife. Introducing ‘Slow Club’, who deliver just what the doctor ordered in their 2014 album “Complete Surrender”. Their sound is as dramatic as the album name and they are not afraid to wail which I’ve always admired in singers. They are undeniably 60s-esque, with a little bit of an edge. Even their popier stuff doesn’t hold back and they never miss an opportunity to let their metaphorical hair down and have a bit of a crazy party.

Highlights include “Tears Of Joy” which boasts a summery feel complimented by the two crooners’ confident vocal line. Nice use of back-up vocals as way, with some well placed “oos” that bolster their 60s vibez. “Suffering You, Suffering Me” has the unmistakeable sound of a last dance at a school disco when my parents were young. Emotional and sassy, with Rebecca Taylor delivering a biting performance that has just the right amount of break-up bitterness.

They also introduce some weird and wonderful sounds that have elements of the psychedelic. In “The Pieces” there is a persistent high-pitched riff that makes it a all a bit heady. But there is also a funktastic brass band that provide meaty support for the simple tune. The combination is at one groovy and catchy. “Wander Wandering” was my introductory song to the band and is probably their most trippy. Slow, lamenting and ultimately very affecting, it has an intelligent structure and down-to-earth lyrics.

If you’re looking for an all round good time, give them a listen. The indie-pop-rock-folk scene has welcomed a vibrant new addition, and we all hail their arrival with party poppers and horns and such like.

Big love as always,

Emma x

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