Get yo tickets for Alt-J

GUYS! Guess what? Alt-J are touring in Europe right now and they’re coming to the UK–holla hollaaa! If softly spoken ambience is your thing then head down to the nearest venue to you on their tour and give them a listen. You may think alt-J are just a bunch of nerdy guys wearing collared shirts that play instruments averagely well but have managed to cleverly layer tracks so as to make it seem like they are gifted. And well, you would probably be right. But you’ve gotta admit, that voice is weirdly hypnotising and they have managed to come up with some strange and wonderful stuff over the years.

If you haven’t listened to their last album, you are probably a hermit living underneath a very large and soundproofed rock. It was the coolest thing since sliced bread when it came out and personally I still give it a cheeky listen from time to time. ‘An Awesome Wave’ is laden with much chanting, some pretty controversial metaphors and slightly trippy synths. Their new album boasts a lot of the same vibes but with some more complex ideas and considerable grooving opportunities. ‘This Is All Yours’ is a perfect example of the “if it ain’t broke then why fix it” ethos. Can’t blame them really. No one else is gonna do this shit. Let them have their fun!

  • 29 Nov, Manchester
  • 1 Dec, Bournemouth
  • 2 Dec, Exeter
  • 3 Dec, Cardiff
  • 6 Dec, Leeds
  • 7 Dec, Glasgow
  • 8 Dec, Nottingham

If you’ve never listened to them listen to this (by far and away their best):

If you are that way inclined, follow this little link to pick up yo tix:

Also if you haven’t seen this: shame on you

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