Raury – All We Need

It’s been just under a month since Atlanta-based Raury* released his album “All We Need” and it is turning heads my friends. As the title would suggest, it is almost impossible to categorise Raury in to a genre and that is the absolute beauty of his music. This album combines folk, hip hop, rap, electronic (think American James Blake), R&B and cultural world music and the result is something different to anything I’ve ever heard. But it works! His satin voice is often complimented by soulful harmonies especially in “Devil’s Whisper” and the album also features some awesome artists such as Tom Morello and Wu-Tang Clan’s RZA.

I could not recommend this album more and it’s so perfect for when you’re on the train pondering about life and searching for inspiration, or walking to work or whatever it is you do on a daily basis. His lyrics really tackle everyday things that are going on around us but we so readily choose to neglect particularly the influence of the Internet and some of its detrimental effects on our generation. Two of my favourites are “Friends” where Raury encourages us to open our eyes and embrace everyone around us (the music video is also stellar – him and a friend go on a road trip with his fans on Twitter which I would so do if I had any fans #plzfollowme) and “Love is Not a Four Letter Word”. He sums up how fake love can be today and how it’s publicised on social media; “Love is a kiss to the gun, love is after you realise you don’t like but still love.” TAKE THAT CORNY INSTAGRAM COUPLES!

In an interview with Buzzfeed he said, “With my music, I want to create a movement. I want to become a phase in people’s lives and inspire people to go out and challenge the world.” Everyone needs to jump on board, listen to his album and support his musical revolution because this guy deserves every success.

He hasn’t announced a UK tour YET however he is supporting Macklemore & Ryan Lewis on the 27th April 2016 at the 02…and that does sound like one hell of a parDy that everyone should be invited to.

* There has been some difference in opinion amongst the WNMCB team as to how this is pronounced but I can confirm that it is just a funky way of writing Rory.

Juliette x

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