Terry Presume

Nashville-based Terry Presume has melted our hearts with his first single of 2021, ‘Did Me Wrong’.  The folk-tinted guitar, his playful tone flickering softly between lullaby vocals and whimsical rapping – it satisfies a sweet tooth without being saccharine. In a style similar to that of Rex Orange County, Presume wears his heart on his sleeve, and in the accompanying video we see him trekking through city streets, guitar in hand, reminiscing about lost love. For anyone needing break-up advice, take a leaf out of Terry’s book of lyrics: “I hope you find yourself but when you do don’t tarnish your soul, Cause I done made it through the pain and that’s the reason I glow.” 

Bonnie Kemplay

A few weeks ago, the name Bonnie Kemplay was likely unfamiliar to most (us included, shamefully). But it was difficult to ignore her stunning performance in BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge just last week, after she won the platform’s Live Lounge Introducing talent search. The 19-year old singer-songwriter from Edinburgh performed her single ‘Blushing’ note-perfectly and without a single indication of nerves in her performance. The lyrical vulnerability of her songs coupled with her tender, whispered voice is enough to give you goosebumps. 

E J Worland

“Oh my word love this song soooo much. Sam Cooke records are just like maaaade to be played on vinyl.” 

“Well Tarquin, right as you are about Sam Cooke records, this is in fact our Aussie soul-man E J Worland. It’s his debut EP No One Left To Blame.”

“Bloody rapscallions! Of course it is – came out 1974 right?”

“Close. April 2021.”

“But it’s so authentically soulful and rich and buttery?”

“We know Tarquin, we know. We can’t quite believe it ourselves.”


With her mother being THE Neneh Cherry, her sister a BRIT-award winner and old pops chipping in as producer for Massive Attack, you might think TYSON was feeling the teensiest bit of pressure in the release of her debut EP Pisces Problems. But with all the confidence and grace of a 2016 Solange Knowles, TYSON’s smoky, fantasy-flecked R&B proves she’s got her own moves. Released on her own record label Ladies Music Pub TYSON’s sound is reminiscent of sister Mabel’s early singles, but with the unique touch of escapism that we’re all so desperately searching for. 


We don’t know who you are, where you come from or what you look like. But Tseba, compadre, your mysterious debut single is a certified Summer banger. (This isn’t a vain attempt at humour this artist’s anonymity would put Banksy to shame. In fact it could very well be Banksy.) 

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