Joel Culpepper

Way back in 2017, I remember sitting and procrastinating over starting my revision when I happened to fall upon Joel Culpepper’s COLORS performance. The name alone was enough to catch my eye, but when I heard his breath-taking falsetto my soul waved fair sayonara to its bodily host. Culpepper is an exciting addition to the neo-soul scene, and his captivating performing skills make him a real force to be reckoned with. Do you like jazz? If you do, with just a peppering of extra sauce, prepare yourself for his new album Sgt Culpepper, set to drop any day now. In the meantime be sure to quench your thirst with his most recent single ‘Thought About You’.

icée tgm

After a pretty darn successful 2020 thanks to a double feature on J Hus’ Big Conspiracy, icée tgm is a fresh new face for R&B. With the ever-growing popularity of the genre on the UK scene, to see talented female rappers such as iceè carving out their own path in what has traditionally been a male-dominated genre is inspiring for all young female musicians. A modern-day Ms. Lauryn Hill, icée’s effortlessly smooth flow seems as though it is all second nature. Almost as if it runs in the family…

Nana Lourdes

Now unless you’ve been living under a rock you may have seen that the noughties are making a comeback, and Nana Lourdes is just what all you y2k fiends are in need of. Originating from the North of Portugal, Nana is a one-woman show having taught herself how to produce, record and mix all from the comfort of her parents’ living room. Her new track ‘WDWG’ gives me major nostalgia, with its catchy hook and my favourite telephone EQ filter that makes me feel like I’m re-living the Gwen Stefani era of pop. Honestly, who wouldn’t want to re-live that fantasy?

English Teacher

English Teacher are an up and coming 4-piece band from Leeds who are fuelling my inner runaway rebel with their track ‘R&B’. The young band are not afraid to tackle the tougher subjects, channeling issues of race, mental health and identity into their lyrics. Although the band’s unique punk sound remains raw and gritty there’s a light and refreshing quality to it, aided perhaps by lead singer Lily Fontaine’s dreamy vocals. But don’t take it from me, take it from them: ‘We sound best through stereo headphones while sitting on a beach in Normandy with a glass of wine in hand’. The ferry leaves in an hour.

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