Reliably Bad

There’s just something about music collectives. Maybe it’s FOMO but a gang of cool artists and creative dudes coming together to jam out? Where do we sign up? Hailing from North Carolina, Reliably Bad are an eight-piece funk/soul whose sole intent is to “bring danceable music to the world”. Need we say more? Vocalist Jessica Schnieder glides over a jazzy blend of brass, syncopated beats and funk-guitar chops that sound straight off of a CHIC record. Their debut album Space Girl came out in February and is full to the brim with goodness. When live music makes its return, this is sure to be an absolute hoot. 


Ruti first came on to the scene when she won The Voice UK in 2018, with her performance of The Cranberries’ ‘Dreams’ receiving rave reviews from respected music critics Jenny & Lee on Gogglebox. Her latest single ‘My Sunrise’ is a dreamy blend of bedroom-pop beats and rich, heart-felt soul; a combination that fully captures the sweet indulgence of watching the sun rise (or set if 6am is too early for you). Despite only being 21, both Ruti’s voice and the sound she is developing indicate a cool confidence and maturity that we hope to see more of in 2021. Proof that – if you have the choice – ALWAYS choose Tom Jones. ( is kinda dope too though). 


Are you per chance a devout Pharrell Williams fan? If so then you might have already met Mette. Now L.A based, the 29-year old was the lead of Pharrell’s dance troupe as well as the star of Rihanna’s music video for ‘Lemon’. She also appeared in the recent adaptation of Cats but we won’t hold it against her because what’s important is that NOW Mette is turning her creative talents to making powerful and polished pop music. Her debut single ‘Petrified’ packs a punch, masking deeply personal lyrics with a bold and badass delivery. With her experience and clear creative vision we can certainly expect some quality music videos, as already seen on her self-directed debut. 


The Frenchman so nice he’s done COLORS twice. Whilst the French rap scene bears a reputation for staying in the mainstream, Ichon (which we hope is short for cornichon) is switching it up big time. Starting off as part of the Bon Gamin collective, he released his album last year and proved that he’s just as competent a singer as he is a rapper. ‘La vie’ (released in January) is a particular favourite here at Cowbell for its feel-good funkiness and lyrical French poesy. 


The anticipation for June 21st and getting back on the dancefloor is almost becoming too much to bear. (Go back on your word BoJo I DARE YOU.) By teaming up with fellow master groove-maker p-rallel on his latest track ‘Falling Up’, KiLLOWEN is providing the fuel to get us there. The West London producer and vocalist is no newbie, having already toured as DJ with slowthai, Jeshi and Lava La Rue (who also features on the playlist). When your Spotify bio reads ‘my aim is to be the go-to man for anything that requires soul and groove to it’, you can expect Cowbell involvement. And although we are not of the gambling ilk, come Summer, we have a sneaky feeling his tunes are going to be lighting up the airwaves.

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