Leading Ladies

In honour of International Women’s Day, here we are shining a light on the badass ladies that Cowbell are absolutely loving at the moment. To the female artists tearing up the music scene and letting us sing along with them – cheers ladies.


Belgium’s pride and joy and with good reason; they’re just seriously lacking in talent. I jest of course (I’m allowed to make that joke because I’m Belgian). Angèle’s debut album Brol is a dreamy pop sensation, and she more recently broke on to the UK music scene through her collaboration with Dua Lipa on their track ‘Fever’. There’s an innocence to her sweet, lullaby voice that adds whimsicality to the often-made heavy subjects her lyrics approach. And yes the lyrics are in French but you all clapped along and gushed at Parasite so it’s time to get over it. 

Biig Piig

The underground music scene of London can seem like an intimidating place, accessible only by super-cool secret handshake to the aficionados in the know. But it’s starting to rise more and more to the surface and Spanish/Irish artist Biig Piig is rising with it. Brought in as a member of the DIY collective NiNE8 (alongside other boss ladies Lava La Rue and Nayana Iz), Biig Piig’s alt hip-hop sound is lush and hazy, but with enough groove to sink your teeth into. Unbound by the confines of genre she experiments from song to song, getting funky on ‘Feels Right’, singing in Spanish on ‘Cuenta Lo’ and even dabbling in some good old D&B on ‘Switch’. Her ‘Quaranwine and chill’ playlist on Spotify is also certainly one worth saving. 

Nina Cobham

A warm evening abroad, sat in the back of the car with your head resting slightly out of the window. A tipsy feeling, perhaps down to a combination of mild heat exhaustion, the alcohol beginning to work its magic and your pal’s questionable command of driving on the opposite side. Drifting away with the cool breeze into the dusky pink sky, content and unconcerned. This is the only way I can describe what listening to Nina Cobham sounds like.

Rachel Chinouriri

Whether it’s rich and velvety slow jams à la Celeste or straight up bops to sass out to, this neo-soul queen from Croydon provided us with the musical goods to get us through 2020. Rachel’s sound falls somewhere between indie balladry and alt R&B, and her down-to-earth lyricism demonstrates a maturity and subtlety beyond her age of 22. Her latest single ‘Darker Place’ (which will feature on her soon-to-be-released debut album) has become a Cowbell favourite, along with her videos of her pet rabbit Storm. 


Melodies that are both warming and enchanting, harmonies to soothe your soul, the sounds created by these ladies’ voices could probably cure covid. The four-piece concept-choir from South-East London, named WOOM, are building up to the release of a debut EP, one that, when performed live, will be breathtaking. Their released singles ‘Walk’ and ‘Seigfried / Self Control / White Ferrari’ are utter folk magic, with the latter being their interpretation and re-imagining of three Frank Ocean tracks. Fans of First Aid Kit and Staves, look no further. 

Sinead Harnett

Let us cast our minds back to 2017 when Cowbell was in full flow and I wrote of the R&B divas taking charge of the UK soundscape. Despite certainly no longer being up-and-coming, Sinead Harnett’s recent return with a new single ‘Last Love’ has got us uber excited for more music to come. Her sultry, sophisticated sound remains exquisite as ever and whilst awaiting the new album, be sure to listen to ‘Quarantine Queen’. I stand by what I said three years ago: the perfect accompaniment to an evening glass of red vino to remind yourself that you are a lady of class. 

Orla Gartland

There’s a wave of female talent rolling across the Irish Sea and with her debut album on the way, indie rock singer-songwriter Orla Gartland is riding along the crest of it. Anyone else who fell victim to the Paul Mescal effect might have heard Orla’s track ‘Did It To Myself’ featuring in the Normal People soundtrack last year. Her lyrics sing of personal insecurities with unfiltered honesty, and are made accessible by the softness of her delivery and self-deprecating wit. She fondly reflects upon a past relationship in ‘Heavy’ whilst the music video for one of her latest singles ‘Pretending’ takes place in the bathroom at a party. Where all the great stories take place. 


The recent bout of sunshine has teased us with the hope that warmer days, longer evenings and all-round better times are on their way. As you begin to compile your ‘summer vibesss’ or ‘sunny dayz ((((:’ playlists you will regret not adding Adeline to the mix. The French-Carribean soulstress and bassist creates a blend of funk, soul and R&B that hits the sweet spot; think the voice of Alicia Keys with the bass-funk of Thundercat or Steve Lacy. Add a seal of approval from Anderson Paak himself and we’ve got ourselves a new leading lady. Don’t even think about inviting me round for your “al fresco dinner n’ drinks” if Adeline isn’t on the airwaves.

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