Nostalgia Mixtape

Well it’s been a while Cowbellites. I’ve been in somewhat of a funk, musically and otherwise. It’s made me realise that when I have the blues, I always gravitate towards familiar songs. For months I’ve had a playlist full of songs I listened to when I was younger on repeat. Maybe it’s pure nostalgia, or maybe it says something about the quality of the music. These songs transcend decades and are as relevant today as ever. Frankly, I think pop music in the 60s and 70s required much more skill and was of a drastically higher quality than the chart crap today. I must disclose my bias in this area. Anyone who knows me knows that I am a snobby cow when it comes to chart music.  

Snobbery aside, I’m slowly coming out of my blues and realising that listening to golden oldies is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. Ok, so my music taste is now pretty much the mixtape your dad made in the 70s. Those familiar classics are like chicken soup to the soul when you want to escape this hectic decade and dream about flares and hippies. When you’ve got Aretha, Dusty and Dolly by your side, things don’t seem nearly as gray.

Fear not! My obsession with playlists has returned in force and I’m determined to soundtrack all of your Spring’s. It’s time to sunbathe in the park and ruin your hair in an unexpected rain shower. This smoothe, nostalgic mix is your go to for every Spring situation.

Far out my dudes!

Love,  Emdawg xxx

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