2019: 10 Albums to Look Forward to

They’ve confirmed their status in the past, but will 2019 see these big names set new heights or fosbury flop?


It’s been just over four years since this beautiful Irish man released his debut album that saw him rise to success both at home and even more so across the pond. In contrast with his humble demeanour, his combination of gospel blues, soul and alternative rock was soul-stirring, particularly in his most famous track, Take Me To Church. He now marks his return and with an entourage that would intimidate Kanye and Jay-Z. Legends Booker T. Jones and Mavis Staples made their contribution to his singles, Nina Cried Power – EP  (an EP featuring two other tracks) and Movement. With lyrics confronting these uncertain times and melodies to empower them, it’s set to be one power-house of an album.

Album Title: Wasteland, Baby!

Release Date: Early 2019


Speak of the devil and he shall appear. Although Kanye never seems to disappear. It felt as though the past summer was just tweet after tweet, idiocy after idiocy, but with that also came album after album as he worked his magic with a number of artists. Amongst all this hype, we were promised a follow-up album to ye released back in June(?). The title, Yandhi was pre-revealed as was the confirmed date of release, all of us were ready to wake up on September 17th to, in true Kanye style, either something dreadful or hip-hop gold. Alas. We arose to silence. To the sound of bitter disappointment. Will 2019 be the year Yandhi is revealed to us? Will the self-proclaimed God provide? All we know for sure is, album or no album, we will not make it through the year without a Kanye controversy.

Album Title: Yandhi

Release Date: TBA

Tame Impala

Christmas is over, we are now all fervently looking forward to a lazy, hazy Summer. And who better to turn that dream into a reality than our favourite Aussies. Although a new album is yet to be confirmed, their headline spot on Day 2 of Coachella Festival has been, and frontman Kevin Parker has been working behind the scenes with a whole hoo-ha of artists, from Mark Ronson to Kanye West himself. The kings of psychedelic pop rock, their rich sounds have been greatly missed since the release of Currents in 2015, and it will be interesting to see how they have developed their sound, if at all, from then.

Album Title: TBA

Release Date: Summer

Solange Knowles

 The Carters may have dominated in 2018 with APES**T, but with her fourth album confirmed for release, this year Knowles junior is set to steal back the limelight. A Seat at The Table (2016), saw Solange create soft, silken R&B sounds with an honest lyrical commentary on black survival and her personal experience of black womanhood. Needless to say, it was mesmerising, and her artistic originality and creativity within the genre of R&B was confirmed. In an interview with the NY Times back in October, she confirmed that album number 4 was on its way; an album with “jazz at the core” but with “electronic and hip-hop drum and bass to bang and make your trunk rattle”. Better batten down the hatches.

Album Title: TBA

Release Date: TBA


It’s not even February yet and Foals have already pushed the boat out. Most artist would be content with one album release a year, but the Oxford band have gone and announced that they will be releasing TWO albums this year. The grammar police will have a fit but the album is to be titled Everything Will Not Be Saved, with Part 1 being released in March, and Part 2 following at a later date. With some festival headline spots already in the bag and a reputation for rocking, let’s hope that double the albums means double the banging guitar riffs. 2019 could use a My Number part 2.

Album Title: Everything Will Not Be Saved

Release Date: March 8

 Mark Ronson

Our favourite funk maester, the music man behind almost every album, excitement strikes whenever Mark Ronson’s name appears. Although we know him for his funky tunes and dance-floor fillers, his most recent “country-meets-funk” single Nothing Breaks Like a Heart featuring Miley Cyrus, was far heavier lyrically than what we have heard before. That being said, if anyone can successfully create groovy tunes whilst singing the blues, it’s Mark Ronson. One thing is for sure, the album will be full to the brim with snazzy collabs.

Album Title: TBA

Release Date: TBA


Little has been revealed about a new album from Grimes (real name Claire Boucher), however with her last album being four years ago and having released a single in November, the signs would suggest album number five is on the way. The recent single, We Appreciate Power, stayed true to the style set on her last album Art Angels – futuristic, gritty electro sounds breezed over by Boucher’s bubblegum-pop voice. But we should not expect the expected. Grimes’ love for experimentation, not only in the music but with the characters she becomes and the narrative element of her albums, could take this album in any direction.

Album Title: TBA

Release Date: TBA

 James Blake

No need for months of anticipation here, the innovative electronic poesy of James Blake returns tomorrow, January 18th! Reviews are already out and about, however sadly this is not NME or The Guardian and Team Cowbell was not treated to a special preview, regardless of how big a fans we are. Similarly to Grimes, it is very difficult to know what to expect from the man that unifies discordance and silence to create countless harmonious wonders. However, like I said, we only have to wait 24 hours to see what sounds he has been cooking up in silence over the past few months.

Album Title: Assume Form

Release Date: January 18

Loyle Carner

Is Loyle Carner our favourite man on the blog? It’s hard not to when he seems literally incapable of doing wrong. Now, we are yet to hear from the lips of the man himself whether a new album is confirmed for this year, but there have been some tell-tale signs. A sold-out UK tour this April/May,and two true-to-form, undeniably cool singles, one released yesterday. He’s also set to headline at Primavera Sound and NASS this Summer. He invited us in to his private life on his last album, Yesterday’s Gone, through his blending of funky old school hip-hop and chilled out spoken word, and anymore of the same would be one hell of a blessing.

Album Title: TBA

Release Date: ASAP PLEASE.

Bombay Bicycle Club

Now then, remember these guys? The star players on your 13-year old self indie playlist? After the release of their last album in 2014, So Long, See You Tomorrow, the band went their separate ways in order to pursue each their own solo projects, leaving the world of British alternative music to carry on without them. But after a three year hiatus, they announced to their fans on the twittersphere that BBC were back in the studio and rustling up some jams. Will their break have served them well? Will they give us the nostalgic Summer album that we so desire? Teenage dreams are a tingling.

Album Title: No clue

Release Date: No clue

Here’s to a year of more musical marvels. We hope.

Jules xo

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