Chin Chin Chillin’

Greetings friends and neighbours. I’ve been in a bit of a playlist rut recently. None seem to match the mood I’m in at the moment. So, of course, I sat down for a few hours to rustle up a playlist just for chin chin chillin’. Many of you will be off to uni (again) and it’s important to work hard and chill hard. Freshers week is mercifully over for some and you’re probably looking for a remedy for all that Drake and associated trap artists who soundtrack every shitty club.

The playlist is a characteristic mix of older and newer stuff. Most of them are classics that I am exceedingly drawn to at the moment. It seems that turning a new leaf has actually made me more nostalgic.

Below are 10 ways you can utilise this playlist:

  1. When you’re maxing and relaxing with pals in your new flats
  2. When b-b-b-bike riding to uni / work
  3. When trying to drown out the h8ers
  4. When walking to get some milk from the 24hr off-license at 2am
  5. When pretending to work in the library but really you’re browsing ASOS
  6. When eating your lunch alone to make yourself look cool and aloof
  7. To ground yourself and relieve stress when putting together IKEA furniture
  8. When browsing in a shop to drown out the irritating dance music they play
  9. When relaxing at home after a long day of lying in bed on the internet
  10. Anytime you wanna feel cool as a cucumber and chilled as a chinchilla

I hope you’re living your best life.

Lots of love,

Emma xxx

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