New Music Roundup

For our loyal readers who may have missed us these past few weeks, this playlist should fill you in on some of the new stuff we at Cowbell HQ have been jamming to. Some of these artists are those we know and love: First Aid Kit, Laura Marling and Sufjan Stevens. However, a few introductions are in order for those you may not have heard about just yet.

Paige Bea


‘Pick Up Your Heart’ is this soulful crooner’s first offering to the world. Lyrically, she appeals to her millennial contemporaries with a bold look at the isolation of modern life. The production on this track is funky-as and Paige Bea’s vocals are on point- what more could you ask for from a track to accompany your autumn/winter drives?

Car Seat Headrest


I know what you’re thinking, who the bloody hell does this band think it is naming itself after a piece of the assorted bric-a-brac of life? Not to mention the name of the song which is: ‘(Joe Gets Kicked Out of School for Using) Drugs With Friends (But Says This Isn’t a Problem)’ You have to admire the not-giving-a-shit-ness of these guys, who clearly have little to no respect for the musical MAN (in the Jack Black sense of the word). Nonetheless, this song is the best song about drugs I’ve ever heard. The world he depicts is confusing, lacklustre and frankly a bit grim. Just as the name suggests, he concludes that drugs are better with friends and that ultimately, they’re not really for him at all. Power to you, Car Seat Headrest. I still feel weird saying it.

Elli Ingram


This lass’ vocals make ya feel warm and fuzzy inside, which I think is important for the yuletide season. If you need some soul to warm you up after that walk your family insist on taking every Christmas Day, look no further than Ingram’s honey-smooth R’n’B.

Enjoy people!

Emma xx

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