New Music Roundup

Mac DeMarco

I think it’s pretty certain that Mac DeMarco is the funniest guy in music. But behind his affable persona is some serious musical talent. His new album ‘This Old Dog’ is much more mature than we’re used to. Much of it is a reflection on his relationship with his father set to a now familiar guitar driven, dreamy sound. Despite the heavier topics, it’s still the perfect soundtrack to a day in the sun. Maybe a good sense of humour is the recipe for some killer chilled yet profound tunage? Listen to the album and decide fo yo selves.


Phoenix are in some ways a confusing band. Their music is so 80s that it’s genuinely hard to believe their first album came out in 2000. It’s more explicable when you find out that they started out touring around singing Prince covers to drunk people. It’s like Hot Chip, Vampire Weekend, MGMT and Daft Punk got together, took a bunch of drugs and produced a glittery new band. Their new single ‘J-Boy’ is a continuation of their high energy disco-rock with perhaps more wackiness. Watch out for their new album because it will likely be a pool party essential.

Sylvan Esso

Moving into slightly darker territory, we have Sylvan Esso. The American duo mix indie with electronic and have a talent for catchy hooks with actual substance. Their new album ‘What Now’ seems fun and carefree on the surface but look beneath the enticing beats and the lyrics tell a different story. ‘Die Young’ is undeniably a groovy track but it’s dark narrative about delaying death for the sake of a lover makes it heartbreaking. And ‘Radio’ is a big f-you to modern music industry with foot-tapping beats. Maybe a bit of the old dance and cry is in order?

San Cisco

It’s sometimes difficult to work out the difference between summery and cringe. Do I really want a playlist created for the sole purpose of blasting it out of the speakers in a convertible riding down a California highway? In some ways, no, because when does anyone do that ever outside of montages from 90210. But in some ways, fuck yeah, because if you think something hard enough, it happens… right?! If you’re looking for reckless escapism, look no further than sun embodied – San Cisco. It’s pop-y, it’s happy, it’s fun. Their new single ‘Hey, Did I Do You Wrong’, is nothing more and nothing less than what its pastel-coloured album cover suggests.


The unabashedly weird band is back in our lives, thank crazy Jesus. Foxygen’s new album ‘Hang’ signals the growth of their retro sound, with more tongue-in-cheek artistry. They got a big ass orchestra to record with them, with the result sounding like a rock musical Elton John would be proud of. I urge anyone who regularly takes music advice from their parents to listen to this album. It will set your world on fire.


Wear sunscreen,

Emma xxx

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