On The Road

As you may have noticed, I have been on a recent hiatus. The reason is that I’m in India being enlightened and suchlike and have therefore have had limited access to el wifi. First I must apologise as I’m sure there are those among you that have cried about this for at least 2 minutes, maybe more. However, I bring you an offering from the land of spice in the form of a playlist of “travelling tunes”. For those that are currently actualising their inner beings and reaching a truer form of themselves etc. I have created a mix of subtle tracks to compliment an interminable car journey, a food poisoned induced stupor, a psychedelic moon phase or even an awkward exchange with a foreigner.

My heartiest recommendation goes to the goddess Laura Marling, whose painfully wise crooning and expert guitar parts will keep you thinking from Thailand to Peru. A close second is Bright Eyes, and particularly the album “I’m Wide Awake, It’s Morning”, which masterfully tackles some hard hitting topics of love, philosophy and depression. Fleet Foxes are also a must, with their rich harmonies and perfect folky vibes that will make any journey take on a magical quality. Finally on my short list, I present Willy Mason, the king of the drawling home truth, the prince of haphazard self discovery, the duke of all that is beautiful about contemporary folk.

So ride on faithful highwaymen, seize the day, leave no rock unturned and especially don’t let anyone scam your ass.

Adios amigos,
Emma xx

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