Shame, Shame 

As another band from my early days of musical discovery, Dr Dog hold a special place in my heart. Their old-timer sound made me sit up and listen immediately when I encountered them on the “you may also like” section of iTunes (back when iTunes was cool and hip). Big harmonies, heartfelt lyrics and vintage vibes run riot through their tunes and all the while they maintain a kind of kooky humour. I’ve chosen the album “Shame, Shame” to focus on simply because it was what introduced me to the band. I could have chosen any one. I fully endorse them all.

This album is rich, in a good way not in a Donald Trump way. Each and every song has its own story, it’s own particular vibe, that manages to make them all fresh and exciting. The voice seems to literally change from song to song. Whether it’s a living vocal chameleon or different people is besides the point. It rocks either way. The opening track, “Stranger”, has a unique sass that characterises the band at times. It’s a type of reckless abandon and even a bit of pain that makes their more intense songs raw and moving. The song also sets the tone for an album for the outsiders. There is confusion there, a sense of the absurdity of the world and everyone in it. It’s part of their charm. I feel like they understand the struggle.

“Shadow People” is an absolute classic. I mean it, it’s one of my top tracks. The idea of the Shadow People is complete genius. The idea that no one is in the dark anymore, there is no underground, everything’s out in the open and nothing is secret. We are on display all the time. It’s an example of the way they relate to loners and weirdos (which most of us are).  “Every shadow’s getting famous” is also an immortal line.

“Where Did All The Time Go” reaches similar if not higher levels of awesomeness. Probably my favourite lyric ever is “she dressed up like a pillow, so she’s always in bed”. Wow. Nostalgia is another theme that these guys nail, peppering it with their signature kookiness. Every time I listen to this song I find something else overwhelmingly awesome about it.

I could literally write about every song on this album in an essay format with a title and a conclusion and middle bits with references and shit. But if I did that no one would read it and it would just exist. Instead I’ll just choose one more gem, “I Only Wear Blue”. Contains all their best stuff: fat harmonies, random screams, rocking guitar riffs, kick ass lyrics. Also WHAT DOES IT MEAN?! I don’t know! And I will continue to try and find out by binge listening to it because I feel like these guys have something going here. I feel like they see the world in a different way and I wanna get on board. Let’s join the movement!

Merry Yule,

Emma xxxx

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