All Around Winter Vibes

Is anyone else feeling scroogey? It may be the latent moody teenager living inside of me talking but I am painfully struggling to get on board with Christmas this year. It may be because the sight of people having fun makes me feel uncomfortable and awkward. But then again it may be because Christmas music is so royally and completely shit. Alright, I concede that it’s as catchy as a cold at a disco. So damn catchy that around this time of year, wannabe hipsters like myself can often be found hitting themselves for succumbing to yet another bout of Christmas song attacks. I mean who wants to find themselves in the middle of a relaxing shower imitating Justin Bieber’s horrific cover of “Drummer Boy”. IT’S LIKE A FORM OF ANCIENT TORTURE.

If you too lack basic social skills and often find yourself screaming at strangers for mentioning the word tinsel then join me on a journey of rediscovery and rebellion. I propose we take back Christmas and inject it with some much needed taste. Just because it’s a time of forced fun and overeating it doesn’t mean the soundtrack has to match the ugly vibe that Christmas brings. I will tactically name this expedition “A Winter’s Wail” because of the underlying tones of complaint and woe. I also leave out any mention of the religious ritual because, frankly, I want this playlist to speak to any and all humans. Even atheists.

The vibe of this playlist is a walk through some snowy mountains. Low key, no fancy bells or whistles. Just pure unadulterated shivering beauty. Bring a cup of mulled wine (because who doesn’t love alcohol that has been stewing for a suspiciously long time with orange peel in it). Bring your mates (but only if they’re cool and wear scarves and like Bon Iver). But most of all bring a sense of relaxation in this time of maniacal hysteria.

Bah Humbug to all and to all a good night,

Emma x

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