The Ben Cipolla Band at The Half Moon Putney

We were excited and we had absolutely no idea what to expect. That’s an over exaggeration but I wanted to make it a gripping opening. I saw this band for the first time in the humble town of Marlborough at the annual Jazz Festival (yeah we have one of those). Held at a fire station, it was a unique venue for a unique band. From what I can gather, they are a hodgepodge of highly talented musicians (some of whom are at actual music school doing actual certified music things) just looking to have a good time and get groovy. Their music is downright jazztastic and the confidence of their eponymous lead singer, Ben Cipolla, makes the whole thing quite fun.

So we headed down to the Half Moon in Putney last night to have a little looksee and a possible dance. I was surprised to find that it was set up like a jazz bar, complete with little tables and aged men. The only thing missing was cigar smoke, much to everyone’s deep disappointment I’m sure. Personally I was adverse to this setup because I’ll be damned if I can’t boogie to a groovy band on a Monday night.  But alas, we were forced to stand by the bar and be ‘annoying’ whilst everyone else was mulling over the music with much solemnity. I did not appreciate being told to shut up by a person that works there… IN A MUSIC VENUE. Where MUSIC is being played and people are indirectly STICKING IT TO THE MAN through the medium of SONG. But hey, this is about the band not the venue.

I have to admit we arrived late but when we finally did arrive we were greeted like royalty with some of the smoothest music you can imagine. “Copper Cappuccino” apparently written after busking on the streets yo, was SO groovy! I mean these guys are, what, 19?? When did the world get so talented. I mean Jeez Louise they really took the house down with that one. This was swiftly followed with an indulgent cover of “Crazy” by Gnarls Barkley. Solos from the saxophone, the electric guitar and the trumpet were out of this world good. The kind of thing where the notes get really high and the person is just tiddling around up there with his face crumpled up like a jazz musician from the olden days. The name “The Ben Cipolla Band” does not sufficiently show how outrageously good the “band” part of this band are. They could just play alone and people would still come. Not that Cipolla himself isn’t insanely gifted as well (he writes the music and lyrics, which are very clever and not at all obvious), but I feel like the band should be given more credit. They should be called “The Chameleons” or something. And yes I am their manager so I have a right to say this.

(Kidding I’m not but guys if you’re reading this I can do your PR free of charge)

All in all it was a night of talented people doing their thing and having a huge amount of fun doing so. The “Guest House Tour” continues throughout the month of November at loads of trendy locations.

  • Today at Sound Knowledge in Marlborough (ridiculously cool venue of their home town)
  • 20th at The Barn Theatre in Cirencester
  • 21st at Mr Wolf’s in Bristol
  • 22nd at Proud in Camden

Groove on guys, you ROCK

Emma x

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