Adele’s new single, Hello

Ahhh Adele, the 27 year old singer that we have all adopted as an heirloom of our country. We’re all in love with her voice and her face and her ability to get away with calling every album a number. She’s like a good old cup of tea, the person we turn to when we are having a bit of boyfriend trouble and need a shoulder to get mascara all over. She has morphed from guilty pleasure into necessary indulgence in the span of her 7 year domination of mainstream music. You can’t hate her, if not simply because you will be shouted down for saying so at any public gathering. It seems like she’s been gone for aggeeess, and many have missed her hot-water bottle voice.

She returns with what can only be described as exactly what we all expected. Does the beginning start with a piano playing simple chords? Yes. Does the track build to a heartbreakingly belty chorus? Yes. Does the music video contain shots of Adele dressed in deceivingly casual clothes but with so much eye make up that she looks like Cleopatra on crack? Yes. Autumn leaves? You bet ya. Nostalgia? Oh yes. Adele has delivered what everyone ordered and many would say, what’s the harm in that?

She’s about as predictable as the fact that Kanye West will fail in his bid for the presidency. Her ‘people’, if she has them, have decided that when something’s not broken you should keep using it until it’s so old it literally can’t move its body. Like the Mumford and Sons of old, she has a sound that the mainstream is hungry for, and she looks set to keep on giving the people what they want. She’s got the voice, let’s just leave it at that.

Emma x


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