Connie Constance

After the release of her debut album English Rose back in 2019, Watford singer-songwriter Connie Constance decided to break free from the R&B tags thrown upon her by her major record label. She formed her own record label, ’Jump The Fence’, which allowed her to make the music in which she felt truly at home; Britpop-inspired, pulsating indie rock. In the words of Mr Schneebly, “that is so punk rock”. Ragged and full of energy, Constance’s latest single ‘Electric Girl’ is a powerhouse of a track, bringing to mind a regeneration of Arctic Monkeys and The Strokes’ punchy guitar riffs. 


Despite titling it 2020 the Album, DijahSB’s debut album could not be further away from the year 2020. A true feast for the ears, the Toronto-based rapper takes us back to traditional old-school hip-hop, and with each song as strong as the other, it’s a masterclass in consistency. Their lyrical rhymes dance across the top of bouncy, electronic beats, as if Biggie Smalls and Kaytranada came together for the collaboration to end all collaborations. Her two latest singles ‘By Myself’ and ‘Overtime’ are strong indicators that her upcoming album Head Above the Water (dropping April 23rd) is going to slap de bass big time.


We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again: collectives are where it’s at. Already dubbed as ‘Britain’s answer to Odd Future’ by R1Xtra (albeit a tenuous comparison), NiNE8 brings together the crème de la crème of UK underground artists. Fronted by some of Cowbell’s favourite ladies, Lava La Rue, Biig Piig, Nayana Iz, and rappers/producers Mac Wetha, LORENZORSV, Bone Slim, KxRN and L!BAAN and Nige, NiNE8 come together in open-minded creative sessions to make their chillaxed alt hip-hop. Their latest single ‘FVR105’ has received a funky revamp from fellow producer p-rallel, and – speaking from experience – takes cruising along with the car windows down to another level.  


In the never-ending discussion “the Internet: a blessing or a curse?”, seventeen-year old Dillon van Rensburg from South Berwick might have just scored points in its favour. Within four weeks of uploading his dreamy, laid-back EP tape_01 online, it was brought to the attention of renowned producer Kenny Beats via Discord, and played on his Twitch stream to an audience of over 2000+ including none other than Billie Eilish and her brother FINNEAS. Soaring him to success, the Scotsman’s lo-fi, R&B beats – inspired by his idols Frank Ocean and Steve Lacy – are now a favourite across Radio 1. 

swim school

We’re feeding you a full Scottish breakfast this week, with a helping of feel-good Edinburgh indie-pop to complement South Berwick’s more ambient offering. 4-piece band swim school first appeared on the scene in 2019 with their guitar-driven pop song ‘sway’, and have since demonstrated their talents as a modern progressive pop band. Despite COVID taking a serious leak over what should have been an exciting year of sell-out shows, swim school remain poised and ready to make it happen in 2021.

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