Super Awesome Werking Playlist

After the lengthiest hiatus we’ve had over here at Cowbell HQ, we are back. Whilst our absence undoubtedly broke many hearts, we never stopped listening to funky tunes. Time away gives us a chance to come back with aplomb, with all the music that has soundtracked our lives for the last couple of months. Nothing seems more appropriate to start with is music listened to during working hours. Over the exam period for our university student fans, it’s time we came up with a playlist so chill and so conducive to a working environment that we will single handedly get you all As.

I’ve cooked up a playlist containing a glorious mixture of old school soul and folk and dreamy tunes from groovy newcomers. This playlist can be the backdrop to essay writing or just chillin’ with pals. Even when you’re relaxing after a long day in the library, these tunes will soothe your overworked soul. From Laura Marling to Etta James to Jeff Buckley, let the masters of calm quiet your exam jitters.

So sit back at your library desk and make your friends jealous with how zen Cowbell’s playlist has made you.

Good luck pals and keep on truckin’.

Break a leg!

Emma xxx



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