Happy Birthday Emma

Today, we celebrate the day that a true legend was brought into the world. Someone who is too modest to ever blow their own trumpet, but when you provide them with a cowbell, well that’s a different story. Someone whose past hairstyles have been as questionable as Beckham’s (bring back the layers and the side fringe), but their taste in music has always been commendable, and their passion for it ever true. Today, we celebrate the day of birth of our very own WNMCB team member and founder, the one and only, Emma Scott. Give her a hand folks.

Emma and I have been friends ever since we were 13 (that’s 6 years for you clever kids keeping count), brought together at a Year 8 party by an improvised dance move called ‘the air ukulele’. Since then we have created many more dance moves that only a select few can call themselves fortunate enough to have witnessed. In honour of this special day, I thought I would provide a playlist of the songs that have played a major role in mine and Emma’s friendship. A nostalgic throwback. A throwback to the days when the Glee soundtrack was our inspiration, and Emma’s pre-party playlist consisted of songs passed down from her older sister that were too cool for her friends’ meagre ears. Songs from music GCSE (some amazing, some not so amazing), our groovy tunes that provided us with endless jammin’ on the dance floor, and songs performed at school because we had the voices of angels and we were so in demand. We also spent a pretty hefty proportion of our time trying to learn the lyrics to rap songs that would make us look badass when they came on in public places. ‘Jump Around’ and ‘Niggas in Paris’ were our key tracks. 2013 saw us hit our first few festivals together creating many grand memories in the crowds and backstage (no biggie we were just VIP’s it’s chilled guys really. We also got on stage with The Kinks but I won’t bore you with details). It also meant that we had to do the necessary pre-festival prepping, filling our iPods with every artist on the line-up so that we looked like real fans singing along to every song. I have no shame, it expanded my music knowledge. And finally, of course, there was Flight of The Conchords. Only the funniest of people will know what I’m talking about.

Although most of you will just see this playlist as a random, nonsensical waste of your time, may I take this moment to encourage you to go back to your teenage years, no matter how cringe they were, and relive the songs that trigger memories of the good ol’ days of sweet innocence.

Here’s to you Emma, wishing you the happiest of birthdays with this awesome playlist, reminding you of the best of times. It is the soundtrack to our friendship (or parts of it).

Keep poppin’ the glock broski.


Juliette xx



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